Trailed sprayers

E1000 B2P

Super-light entry-level

E series 2-piston-boom trailed sprayers are ideal against soil-compacting problems. Extremely light, further to excellently manoeuvrable even in narrow and troublesome fields, they are easy to be trailed by small tractors.


  • 1000 litre capacity
  • Toselli Multiflat agitation
  • 2-piston booms - 12-14-15 mt
  • 2-piston cross rear folding
  • Automatic mechanical boom lock
  • Toselli Fullrec washing with recovery
  • Induction anti-drift nozzles
  • Hydraulic sliding lifter
  • Hydropneumatic suspensions
  • 200 litre/min membrane pump
  • Proportional regulation
  • Spraying 5-way electric command
  • External level
  • Joystick for boom mouving