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For over 80 years at the farmers' service

Toselli is a traditional family company that has been manufacturing agricultural machinery since 1935. It was founded by Tonino Toselli, an exceptionally skilled and inventive craftsman, who started his business building various types of wooden ploughs and ridgers.

After his children Alberto and Mario joined the company, Toselli began producing new equipment, including grubbers, harrows and weeders, and distinguished itself on the market for the quality, reliability and effectiveness of its machinery.

On account of the new requirements which emerged in the agricultural field at the end of the 1960s, the company started to develop and build fully-mounted, semimounted and self-propelled sprayers, which then became the Toselli’s main business.

Alberto Toselli skills and predisposition to research led to the development of different solutions and innovative equipments among which contact and shielded booms, localized weed control devices and other relevant prototypes, among which a hovercraft self-propelled sprayer for paddy fields.

Thanks to its constant attention to innovation, in 1970 Toselli was the first company in Italy to design and build self-propelled sprayers and to equip its machinery with electronic devices for the automatic regulation of distribution in 1976.