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Technical details

JKI certified quality nozzles for any kind of application


The modern concept of crop protection goes beyond the simple use of eco-friendly chemicals, because precision in distribution is vital. In order to obtain a homogeneous coverage droplets must in fact get the target as precisely as possible.


In order to protect the environment, all dispersals due to drift, evaporation or run-off should be avoided

Subsequently, application technologies especially sprayers have to be of a very high standard.

Nowadays nozzles must offer a precision degree impossible just a few years ago.


In Toselli we have always taken these items in high consideration, not least the drift control that has always been our primary goal, now finally regulated by European rules.

In order to grant the best and the safest performances in any kind of application, Toselli makes use of very high quality nozzles produced in Germany by Lechler®, boasting a centuries-old history in the making of nozzles for the most various application fields.


For decades Lechler® products have set the standard in crop protection and liquid fertilization and this condition is maintained thanks to constant and extensive R&D investments


Exact definition of functionality and characteristics of Lechler® nozzles is set from the start. The process is based on measurement sophisticated techniques and on a demonstrated documentation system.


The highest level of state-of-the-art design and the most sophisticated simulation techniques finally provide all components for the production of top quality nozzles.


Lechler® provides the perfect uniformity of the nozzles it produces. Each nozzle will be perfectly identical to the following one, thanks to an extreme precision level. All production phases up to the delivery are constantly controlled both in quality and testing.

All LECHLER® nozzles comply with the Julius Kuhn Institute requirements, with the Germany regulations in crop protection as well as with the International ISO and EN standards.













Toselli is the official importer and distributor of Lechler nozzles for agriculture for Italy.
















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Technical details